Who We Are

The Union of Nursery Plant Producer Companies of the Province of Alicante (VAME) brings together the sector’s main producers from this area of South-Eastern Spain, whose plantations generate almost 8% of national exports.

Since it was founded, VAME has focused its activity on encouraging competitiveness in our sector and promoting variety and quality of products, which are distributed throughout Spain and in over 40 countries, mainly in the European Union (especially including France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Italy, the UK and Belgium).

Member nurseries specialise in the production and recovery of Mediterranean and specimen plants to meet demand by wholesale distributors and major supply chains and landscape gardeners.

VAME members heavily invest on logistics in order to be able to reach any part of the world in the shortest possible time, as well as on new format research. In order to supply the best products, our companies have highly qualified and trained human teams.

VAME organises the collective participation of its members in the most important sector trade fairs worldwide. It also coordinates direct and reverse marketing missions in the search for new technologies and new markets in which to place the competitive products created by its members.


  1. Representing and defending the interests of VAME members before institutions, Public Administrations and social actors.
  2. Promoting unity and enterprise integration in the sector.
  3. Organising activities of interest to producer company owners.
  4. Promoting relations between our organisation and society.
  5. Developing services of interest to our members.
  6. Informing our partners of all issues or situations that may affect them.
  7. Improving training of professionals in our sector.
  8. Generating value for members.



Mr Francisco Agulló Valero


Mr Juan Vicente Valero Torres


Mr Eutimio Alonso López


Mr José Luis Maciá Candela

Board member 1

Mr Irineo López Bru

Board member 2

Mr Juan Vicente Antón Martínez

Our Services


Members of VAME are promptly informed of important news concerning our sector (subsidies, legislation, relevant headlines, etc.) through our notices and newsletters.


VAME defends the interests of plant nursery sector companies of the province of Alicante before public bodies and administrations. It is also in open communication with social actors and the other national and international organisations of the agricultural sector.


Company employee and manager training is a fundamental objective of our union. For this purpose we organise courses, activities and events with various formats to address the most current issues and competitive needs of our companies.


VAME permanently monitors sector and general economic data in order to make adequate decisions and demand the policies needed for the advancement of the plant nursery sector.


Our goal is to negotiate the best agreements with the greatest advantages for the benefit of our members for services that may be useful for companies that are part of the VAME union.


VAME promotes VIVERALIA, the Professional Trade Show for Ornamental Plants and Related Sectors that is held every year at Alicante’s IFA Exhibition Centre which brings together the plant nursery sector’s major professionals.


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Common objectives

All our members offer excellent service quality.